6 Neutral Must-Haves

6 Neutral Must-Haves

... for the parents who don't find out the gender right away, here are the 6 most popular neutral items you can purchase to be ready for your newborn! 

1. Knotted Gowns - those hundreds of diaper changes in the beginning months will have you thanking yourself for making it 10x easier with these bamboo knotted gowns. Quick and easy tie knots at the bottom. Covers most of the baby's body while changing the diaper so they are never too cold or fussy at night.

*Choose the colors sage, charcoal or even mustard suns pattern to have fit for either gender. 

2. Matching Onesies and Leggings - made from high-quality 100% organic cotton to provide your little ones with the best material for their sensitive skin. Super cute paired together or simply great basics to have stocked in the drawers for everyday use. 

*Choose colors like Thyme, Ocean, and Clay for the neutral looks. 

3. Hand Knit Booties - Made with 100% hand knit acrylic with tie knot features to keep the knit booties on their tiny little feet! This is great for year-round, keeping them warm but especially in those colder months (we're from Michigan! We know the cold months well). 

*Choose colors like Cream, Olive & Walnut to go along with the matching basics. 

4. Burp Clothes / Bandanas Bibs - Have you put the brand Copper Pearl on your list of must haves?! If not, you must! They have the softest products and super absorbent burp clothes and bibs for your babies. The patterns are all so adorable and match with each product you may find too! 

*Patterns like Santa Fe and Haven are very light, fresh-looking gender-neutral colors. Want to get a little more adventurous? Try the Atwood or Swift patterns!

5. Infant Bath Towels - 100% cotton, gentle on baby's skin. Best for 0-18m and has a hooded feature to keep those babies extra warm and wrapped up after bath time. 

* Stripe or olive-colored options

6. Teethers - Lot of options! We have silicone, all natural wood rings, and crochet rattle styles to give your baby the best entertainment all while helping them teeth during the hard months. 

* We have many animal teethers options to go along with a theme you may choose for your little one on the way!

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